DIY Home Renovation on a Budget | What Tools Do I Need?

What Tools Do I Need? 

Finally hit with the motivation to crack on with some much-needed home renovation projects but want to keep expenditures to a minimum? Our expert DIY home renovation on a budget guide offers a series of tips and tricks to ensure your home improvements are completed to the highest of standards, using some of the best equipment on offer, with no unnecessary costs. 

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Floor Sander

If you’re looking to complete a DIY home renovation project without the help of a costly handyman, hiring a floor sander is a must. Though floor sanding can be a timely task, it’s a relatively easy job to complete independently. In order to complete the job, you’ll need a drum sander and edging sander - essential tools for home renovations!

At Hire4Lower, we’re pleased to offer our customers high performance drum sanders and edging sanders for hire, suitable for removing imperfections and leaving the floor ready for staining or varnishing.  Shedding out thousands of pounds on sanding equipment you’ll only need for a short period is a big, unnecessary expenditure that could put a stop to your DIY home renovation before it’s even begun. At Hire4Lower, all of our equipment is available for hire for as long as you need it, so the biggest chunk of your budget can be spent on bringing your vision to life! 

Pressure Washer 

If you’re looking to focus your next DIY home renovation project on the outside of your house, a pressure washer is essential. Instead of completely resurfacing your patio, walkway or driveway, why not remove every last spec of grit and grime and restore the front of your home to its former glory in minutes with a petrol engine pressure washer?   If you’re in desperate need of some DIY home renovation tips, we can help with that too! For the best pressure washer cleaning results, first loosen the dirt by spraying the area with cold, plain water using a medium spray pattern. Then, apply detergent using a wide nozzle and let it soak into the surface for a few minutes to ensure the outside of your home is left gleaming! 

Carpet Cleaner

Restoring your carpets to the wonderful life they once lived before muddy paws and dirty shoes covered them on a regular basis, is the simplest way to improve the aesthetic of your home. Instead of tearing up every carpet in your home and replacing them in a costly manner, why not shed the cost by hiring a carpet cleaner to remove dirt, bacterial allergens and odours in no time?

Wallpaper Strippers

Changing up your wallpaper is an easy way to refresh a room without the need to replace expensive furniture if you’re looking to carry out some much needed DIY renovation on a budget.   It’s much easier to wallpaper over stripped walls as it avoids creases and air bubbles appearing when you hang the new wallpaper. A wallpaper stripper provides a fast and effective way to modernise a space in no time at all. Plus, all of our wallpaper strippers available for hire come with a base unit platform suitable to stand on, so you can get to all of those hard to reach areas without having to enlist the help of a rickety old chair! 


If you’re feeling confident in your DIY skills and want to crank it up a notch, why not level up your DIY home renovation by building some new furniture?  At Hire4Lower we’re pleased to offer a range of saws for hire, suitable for an array of DIY home renovation projects. If you’re new to saws, choosing the right one for the job can be tricky, so, let us break them down for you…

Electric Hand Bandsaws

Bandsaws are the ideal option if you’re tight on space and are looking for a small, portable saw to cut wood, non-ferrous metal, foam and plastic. 


Mitre Saw

Mitre saws are an essential tool for home renovation for building custom picture frames, coffee tables, hanging baskets, wine bottle racks and so much more! At Hire4Lower, we’re pleased to offer a range of eclectic mitre saws for hire, if you’d like to find out more, please do get in touch.

Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating saws are a multi-purpose hand-held tool ideal for cutting metals and timber materials. If you’re looking to use your saw to cut through wood and nails, scrape glue, mastic and other adhesives, or sand and scour metal, a reciprocating saw is the perfect choice! 


Jigsaws are one of the most useful DIY home renovation tools you can use. If you’re an experienced DIY-er, the possibilities are endless when it comes to completing DIY projects around the home. Using solely a jigsaw, you can create an abundance of household items, from footstools and stacking totes, to folding stools and seasonal decorations. 

If you’d like to find out more about the range of saws we offer for hire and their unique uses, get in touch with one of our friendly, experienced team members today. 

Finding the time to tackle a DIY home renovation project is a task in itself, so why should finding the right equipment at the right price be difficult too? At Hire4Lower, we’re pleased to offer our customers superior tool hire, at competitive prices, so conducting DIY home renovation on a budget has never been easier! If you’d like to learn more about how we can help to ensure your next DIY home renovation project runs smoothly, get in touch. Call us on 02070919997 and speak to one of our friendly team members today.