Surveying Equipment Hire

Professional Surveying Equipment

At Hire4Lower, we’re dedicated to providing only the most efficient and modern surveying equipment for hire. Our team of experts are passionate about ensuring projects run smoothly through the use of our affordable, superior surveying equipment hire, and will do all they can to guarantee that the tools you bring to the job are the best on the market.
Based in a convenient location in central London, we stock multiple types of surveying equipment, available for hire to our broad range of clients across the city and the surrounding area. 

Whatever you’re searching for, whether that’s cameras, detectors, optical levels or virtually any other product used in surveying, we’re sure to offer the ideal solution for you. At Hire4Lower, we understand that choosing the right equipment for the job can sometimes be an overwhelming task, especially if you’re new to the field. That’s why one of the things we pride ourselves on most is our dedication to providing easy-to-use, basic surveying equipment, usable by just about anyone! The inspection cameras we offer for hire are lightweight, simple to use and can be carried anywhere, meaning performing visual checks in difficult to reach areas has never been easier! 

If you’re looking to conduct levelling on a construction site, the optical levels we offer for hire are a must to add to your basket. Quick to set up, simple to use, and accurate with clear, bright optics for easy readings, the Automatic Optical/Dumpy Level is essential to your next site project. 
To find out more about our surveying equipment hire services and what we can offer you, contact us on 0207 091 9997 and speak to one of our friendly, experienced team members today. Or, alternatively, use the navigation above to browse the extensive range of modern surveying equipment we currently offer.